About us
TheSandySide is an inspirational home decor blog, that gives you a look inside the coolest homes in Dubai.
Every week we open you the doors of a new inspiring home, with original photos and interviews, to discover the style of modern families in the desert, providing an exclusive view of the best interiors of the city.
About us


Italian, architect, mom of two little girls, Carolina started TheSandySide in 2018 to share the interiors of the most inspiring Dubai homes, bringing her readers around the city to discover the style of the modern families living in Dubai.
With her architectural and interior decorator background, having worked between Milan, Singapore and Paris, she has always been super interested in how people decorate their own houses, how it reflects themselves and how a good design intersects with a happy life at home. Dubai, with its unique mix of cultures, styles, tastes, and trends gave her the inspiration to explore more about it, share it, and let the people discover the best out of the city.
She is currently living in Dubai with her husband and their two daughters, and always trying to travel to Italy as much as possible.

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If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly at hello {at} thesandyside {dot} com